Our Vocational School connected to the National Ministry of Education General Directorate of Higher Education Office of Formal Education was founded on 15 October 1976. It started its educational activity after admitting students on 19 November 1976 to the departments of Social Sciences and Vital Sciences in its Ertuğrul District Kızılay Street building which is owned by the Directorate of Special Provincial Administration and which is used today as Namık Kemal Primary School. At the end of 1977-1978 academic year, first students graduated from the departments of Marketing, Administration, and Animal Husbandry.

In 1978-1979 academic year no students were admitted to the departments of Technical Sciences, Vital Sciences and Social Sciences of Vocational Schools all over Turkey and only second year YAYKUR students were carried out and at the end of this period, Vocational Schools which were left without students after graduating students for the second time were closed down and a reorganization called Vocational College of Technical Sciences were decided upon. But after two months this decision was annulled and thus Vocational Schools all over Turkey started education in 1980-1981 academic year after admitting students to the departments of Technical Sciences and Social Sciences.
In 1981-1982 academic year Tekirdağ Vocational School bound to Ministry of Education and 450 students were graduated for the last time from Administration-Accounting, Electronics Programs. In accordance with Law No. 2547 of Higher Education, on 20 July 1982, “Tekirdağ Vocational School” bound to Faculty of Agriculture starting a new process of improvement after some new programs such as Electrics, Engines and Fermentation were added.

In 1987 – 1988 academic year, our school was included in the Second Industrial Education Project of the World Bank as it met the necessary success criteria. Thanks to the Project, our academic staff participated in training programs in the USA and England. New programs such as Electrics, Food Processing Technology, Communication, Control Systems

Technology, Machinery, Climatisation and Refrigeration, Agricultural Machinery were formed with the help of the Project.
Computer Technologies and Programming (S.E.), Electrics (S.E.), Industrial Electrics (S.E.), Machine-Picture Construction (S.E.), Furniture and Decoration (S.E.), Textile (S.E.) and Automotive (S.E.) programs were opened as a part of the Vocational and Technical Education Area formed to register students without examination in the academic year 2002-2003 in accordance with the law of 4702 on 10 July 2001.

Our Vocational School was tied to Namık Kemal University which was established in 2006.On 23.05.2008; the school has been divided into two individual schools as Social Sciences and Technical Sciences.

Technical Sciences of Vocational School has been serving in two buildings with 8000 square meters indoor area on the main campus of Namık Kemal University in Değirmenaltı since 1992-1993 academic year.